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September 7th, 2016 by J

There have been rumors about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton splitting because of a leaked video which has Stefani going dirty with some horny dude. The split issue is of course false as this clip have been made few years prior the two met. But knowing that Shelton has watched this video and still went for Stefani is no surprise. Besides, this is one hot fuck session and anyone who’d watch it will surely have their cunts wet and cocks stiff in just a few seconds and this may be one of the reasons why Shelton got hooked on Stefani in the first place since he does like watching his girls get fingered and fucked by random dudes. And yes, Gwen got her wet snatch fingered, plowed hard and sprayed by this hung jock too, and you may be dreaming that it is you with Stefani now and enjoying that wild doggystyle sex. There is no doubt that men are now getting a boner when watching Stefani on The Voice even if she’s all dressed up and not showing way too much skin.

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Gwen Stefani gives head down on her knees

April 17th, 2016 by J

Gwen gives a hot blowjob

Whenever Gwen Stefani do yoga, she makes sure that her lips, mouth and tongue get their stretches and massages as well to help her with vocals. Getting filmed while giving head during practice is her best way to do this as watching the hot blowjob clip later on gets her adrenaline running.

Hardcore Sex Photos of Gwen Stefani

September 21st, 2010 by sunshine
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These sexy pictures of Gwen Stefani show the famous and talented singer in some really compromising positions. One photo shows her being fucked in by an unknown guy. She looks really hot as the lucky stud teasingly traces the shaft of his cock over the wet lips of her succulent vagina. The next picture shows the No Doubt lead singer jerking off two guys while showing off her delectable pussy. She’s enjoying the wanking so much and has an expression of ecstasy on her face, as you can see from this hot Gwen Stefani nude photos.

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Another shot shows is Gwen Stefani riding a fat cock giggling like a little girl. What a wild rocker chick this blonde beauty is! Grab the pictures we have here and enjoy looking at Gwen in a way she never expected you to see her, check out these Gwen Stefani naked pictures.

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Gwen Stefani’s double penetration sexcapades

April 22nd, 2010 by sunshine

It’s been awhile since we’ve last seen this punk goddess swinging her hot tight body while rocking onstage to her punk music. When she got hitched to her long-time boyfriend Gavin Rosdale we were all bummed out she was no longer be going to be the young vibrant and unattached rebel in mini skirt who was always the object of our fantasies. Finally when she got knocked up we were convinced it was the end of her sex kitten slash rock star persona. Sure there was Avril. But then, who would want to settle for a poor man’s Gwen Stefani right?

Well guess what? This is going to blow your mind because these leaked naked pics were just forwarded to me by a friend of mine who also happens to have the hots for Gwen Stefani. Seen here in these hardcore shots is Gwen loving a deep double penetration from two unknown guys. Now wether or not her husband is aware of her sexual agenda is none of my business nor do I care. All that matters right now is the fact that I know what she looks like getting her pussy stuffed, riding a cock and getting jizzed all over the ass.

Gwen no doubt likes to show off her nice pussy

October 15th, 2008 by sunshine

Famous singer, fashion designer and a budding mom, Gwen Stefani can proudly say that she had achieved a lot as a celebrity and as a woman in whole, but with all the things she’s enjoying right now, Gwen couldn’t hide the fact that there are some things that she can’t hide, and sooner or later those deep, dark secrets will surface and people will just go on a feeding frenzy and get their fill of the nastiest Hollywood sleaze. Just like these smoking naked pictures of Gwen that we have discovered and I’m pretty much sure that our former No Doubt frontwoman will be in really deep shit once these photos leak out in public. But in any case, you will get to love Gwen even more once you get to see her flash that delectable pussy of hers with some of her most provocative and seductive poses unlike any other.

You are sure to hollaback over and over again with these awesome photo set we have compiled with nothing but Gwen spreading her legs and displaying her juicy cunt and all you have to do is sit back and get that schlong some serious stroking once you have visited Gwen Stefani Naked today. So click on this link and you’re on your way to downloading nothing but the best sleazy stuff we have to offer in our collection.

Gwen Stefani On A Spunk Diet Now

September 30th, 2008 by sunshine

Gwen Stefani just gave birth to a baby boy last month, her second child with hubby Gavin Rossdale, so I guess that she ought to be back in circulation now.  We’ve missed her hot bod, and I’m sure she was tired of carrying around all that extra weight, baby not included.  But being part of a hot Hollywood couple like her does have its perks, and that means personal trainers and nutritionists to get her back on her way to sexy Love Angel Music Baby shape.  And here she is enjoying one of the routines that have been prescribed for her, which suits her to a ‘T’.

And what’s her fab new health routine that’s having her looking so hot n’ sexy again?  Lots of sweaty sex (not even necessarily with Gavin), and then lots of spunk afterwards to replenish her vitamins, minerals and protein, without any fat or cholesterol to pollute her body.  By the look on her face, it’s something she loves to eat anyway, so might as well incorporate it into her diet.  Another way to make her workouts more fun?  How about some kinky bondage play!  Whoever prescribed this routine for her sure knows how to make fitness fun.  To see more of the hot things that Gwen Stefani is doing these days to get back into shape after her pregnancy, check out this link

Who Is This Pounding Gwen Stefani’s Ass?

July 4th, 2008 by sunshine

Now I’m not too familiar with Gavin Rossdale, because I’ve never liked his band Bush anyway, and I’ve always hated him even more ever since he hooked up with Gwen, but I don’t think that’s his dick plunging into her from behind, and dripping spunk into her mouth.  I mean, he looks like he’s fit, but he’s doesn’t seem like he has legs and thighs as muscular as this guy’s.  And I sure don’t think that his cock is as big as this, but that’s just me.  Still, Gwen seems to be enjoying every inch of that big cock plunging into her anus.  I know rock chicks are kinky, and Gwen just proved she hasn’t sold out, with that smile plastered on her face as she gets a deep anal reaming.  And then she’s taking all that fresh cum in her mouth after the fucking?  This girl is the bomb, and she can hollaback my way, anytime…

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Next Gwen Stefani Concert Or No Doubt Reunion To Be XXX?

July 4th, 2008 by sunshine

Okay, so “Rock Steady” and “Return of Saturn” weren’t as popular as “Tragic Kingdom”, and “The Sweet Escape” wasn’t as popular as “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.”  So what’s Gwen Stefani got up her sleeve to guarantee her next album — whether it’s another solo album, or one with No Doubt — will be be a smash hit?  Well, here’s a peek of what we hope is going to happen next:

Yes, with Gwen and her back up dancers practicing their routine with no panties on, and Gwen flashing her titties as she goes out for some fun with No Doubt, what I really want to see next is an adult version of her past shows!  Just think of the potential audience something like that will have.  Horny guys from all over will be taking over the spot of those who might be offended by her change in image.  With porn being the biggest money maker on the net, there’s sure to be a vast audience for Gwen Stefani taking off her clothes onstage, whether or not she’s singing.

But if you still can’t wait for that miraculous day to arrive, you can check out Gwen Stefani’s naked body and the dirty things she does with it by clicking right here, right now!  I don’t know who her dancers are in that pic, but if she can get the Harajuku Girls to strip along with her, I’m following their tour and watching every show!

Gwen Stefani Loves To Show Off Her Naked Ass

July 4th, 2008 by sunshine

But what we really love about Gwen showing off her naked ass is you can naturally catch a glimpse of her sweet pink pussy, too!  She’s a real booty-shaker, as can be seen on her solo concert tour.  Her 80s-influenced solo albums, with its catchy dance music hooks really gets her body moving on the stage, especially when she’s grooving with her sexy Harajuku Girls.  So it’s no wonder that when Gwen Stefani gets naked, she likes showing off that rump, as seen in these multiple photographs of Gwen posing naked.  Damn, that’s one fine ass, she doesn’t sing “Hollaback Girl” for nothing!  And Gavin Rossdale should thank his lucky stars he gets to tap that whenever he wants.

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