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Gwen no doubt likes to show off her nice pussy

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Famous singer, fashion designer and a budding mom, Gwen Stefani can proudly say that she had achieved a lot as a celebrity and as a woman in whole, but with all the things she’s enjoying right now, Gwen couldn’t hide the fact that there are some things that she can’t hide, and sooner or later those deep, dark secrets will surface and people will just go on a feeding frenzy and get their fill of the nastiest Hollywood sleaze. Just like these smoking naked pictures of Gwen that we have discovered and I’m pretty much sure that our former No Doubt frontwoman will be in really deep shit once these photos leak out in public. But in any case, you will get to love Gwen even more once you get to see her flash that delectable pussy of hers with some of her most provocative and seductive poses unlike any other.

You are sure to hollaback over and over again with these awesome photo set we have compiled with nothing but Gwen spreading her legs and displaying her juicy cunt and all you have to do is sit back and get that schlong some serious stroking once you have visited Gwen Stefani Naked today. So click on this link and you’re on your way to downloading nothing but the best sleazy stuff we have to offer in our collection.

Next Gwen Stefani Concert Or No Doubt Reunion To Be XXX?

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Okay, so “Rock Steady” and “Return of Saturn” weren’t as popular as “Tragic Kingdom”, and “The Sweet Escape” wasn’t as popular as “Love. Angel. Music. Baby.”  So what’s Gwen Stefani got up her sleeve to guarantee her next album — whether it’s another solo album, or one with No Doubt — will be be a smash hit?  Well, here’s a peek of what we hope is going to happen next:

Yes, with Gwen and her back up dancers practicing their routine with no panties on, and Gwen flashing her titties as she goes out for some fun with No Doubt, what I really want to see next is an adult version of her past shows!  Just think of the potential audience something like that will have.  Horny guys from all over will be taking over the spot of those who might be offended by her change in image.  With porn being the biggest money maker on the net, there’s sure to be a vast audience for Gwen Stefani taking off her clothes onstage, whether or not she’s singing.

But if you still can’t wait for that miraculous day to arrive, you can check out Gwen Stefani’s naked body and the dirty things she does with it by clicking right here, right now!  I don’t know who her dancers are in that pic, but if she can get the Harajuku Girls to strip along with her, I’m following their tour and watching every show!